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The Best Blue Light Filter For Eye Care

A blue light filter for eye care is a necessity this day in age as it’s almost impossible to avoid blue light. Blue light emitted from smartphones, TV’s, desktops, and Ipads are all around us. Did you know that Americans, on average, spend ten hours a day looking at screens? Ten hours is about 42% of your day and these numbers are expected to increase in the next few years. Not only are many individuals suffering from symptoms of digital eye strain but light emitted from these devices can potentially damage the retina if you’re not using a blue light filter or blue light blocking glasses for eye care. This blue light or HEV light is toxic to your eyes and is able to pass through the cornea leaving the risk of potential long-term issues.

What Is A Blue Light Filter For Eye Care?

What is blue light and why is it so harmful? We’ll try not to bore you with the physics, but, light rays that have longer wavelengths contain less energy, and those with short wavelengths contain more energy. Blue light has a high energy level and short wavelength, emitting visible light that is seen by the human eye and over time, can be extremely harmful.

So, what do we do? We understand that the blue light from electronic devices and other sources can be harmful. Many eye care practices are hopping on board with the enhancements in this technology and becoming more educated on this topic to offer solutions. Let’s talk about a few things you should know about the blue light filter for eye care and how a blue light filter is crucial for your vision.

blue light filter for eye care

Blue Light Is All Around Us

Where do you think the most natural blue light exists? If you’re thinking the sun, then you are correct! Most of your exposure to blue light is from being outdoors during the day. Just as there are man-made lakes, there is man-made HEV light. Display screens of your smartphones, Ipads, computers release a significant amount of blue light. In addition, LED lighting and fluorescent bulbs are more sources of blue light. Luckily, the amount of HEV light released off of these devices is nowhere near the amount of blue light released from the sun, and you’re most likely looking at your phone more than directly into the sun.


There are many risks involved with blue light. The amount of time we spend looking into these electronic digital screens results in eye discomfort and can very well lead to long-term problems. This light may affect vision and could prematurely age the eyes. One risk that is associated with too much exposure to blue light is digital eye strain. In fact, according to All About Vision, 65% of Americans have reported symptoms of digital eye strain. In addition, macular degeneration is another risk associated with blue light. Continued exposure to HEV light over time can result in damaged retinal cells. Having damaged cells in the retina can lead to permanent vision loss. There is no given amount of blue light exposure that results in macular degeneration, but the more blue light we are emitted, over time, could increase someone’s risk later in their life. Lastly, there are many symptoms involved with too much blue light radiation including sleep disorders, headaches, blurred vision, and fatigue.

The Solution

Due to the fact that our everyday lives rely on digital devices like computers, cell phones and large screens, it’s almost impossible to reduce blue light intake. Let’s introduce you to Fashion Eye’s latest installment, HOYA Recharge Anti-Reflective Coating. This technology blocks blue light with a blue light filter for eye care also known as a blue light filter glasses. This anti-reflective coating is engineered to eliminate digital eye strain and uses blue light filter glasses that block blue light. It will help reduce eye fatigue, blurry vision, and even headaches. Recharge will also protect you from the effects of artificial light, which has been known to cause sleeplessness, cataracts, macular degeneration. This blue light filter for eye care is now offered at Fashion Eye Center. Make an appointment and talk to our Arizona primary eye care Tucson doctors about how HOYA could benefit you.


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