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When Is It Time To See A Children’s Eye Specialist?

Have you thought about seeing an eye specialist or pediatric eye doctor for your child? If you haven’t, now is the time! No matter the time of the year, it’s crucial to set your children up for success every school year. Regular eye exams for kids are essential as 25% of children have vision problems. Most children are unaware of the condition and may struggle during their school year due to these eye issues. Typically, your family doctor or pediatrician will perform a basic examination, but if they notice any major problems, they will direct you to a Tucson eye doctor or an eye specialist for kids for a more specialized eye exam. At the end of the day, eye health is just as important as any basic checkup for your child. Receiving eye exams at a young age can prevent future eye problems and begin treatment early on.

Additionally, during kids eye exams, seeing if polycarbonate lenses are an option for your child’s frames is a must. What are polycarbonate lenses? These kid-friendly lenses are scratch and impact-resistant making them the most sturdy on the market, perfect to handle any recess! To top it off, these lenses also provide 100% UV protection. Ultraviolet eye protection is a must, especially in Arizona and to protect your children’s vision.

eye specialist
eye specialist

How Old Should My Child Be When They Get Their First Eye Exam?

  • eye specialist
  • eye specialist

Just as infants receive checkups, they should have their first eye exam at about six months. It’s mandatory to check that their eyes are developing correctly by an eye specialist. Depth perception, color vision and the ability to focus are all important elements for an infant as if these are not tested, they could have vision problems. Making sure these factors are all up to par is crucial for their future. During an infant eye exam, eye tests typically consist of pupil responses, focusing on objects as well as basic vision exercises.

Similarly, it’s important to continue with regular eye exams about every two years. Children should receive another eye exam at the age of three and again at the age of five or six. This is usually right as they begin school to ensure they are prepared. Having healthy vision will only result in a more successful and comfortable school year. Now of course, if your children have contacts or eyeglasses, annual eye examinations are recommended. Ready to schedule an eye exam for your child? Visit our Tucson children’s Optometrist Doctors today!

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