different types of contact lenses

Different Types of Contact Lenses

Are you searching for the different types of contact lenses and which is best for you? Contact lenses are the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want to wear eyeglasses all of the time or experience LASIK surgery. People with vision problems tend to inquire about contact lenses because they are affordable, easy to use, and not nearly as noticeable as glasses are. However, it can be a tough task deciding on the best types of contact lenses.

There are many types of general contact lenses on the market including soft lenses and hard lenses, which are the two main types. Keep in mind, within these categories are a wide variety of types to choose from. You don’t always have to buy the most expensive contact lenses, just the ones that suit you well. Knowing which contact lenses are right for you means understanding the different contact lens options available, which is exactly what we will discuss below. Of course, consulting with your eye doctor to understand what works for you and your lifestyle is ideal before making any big decisions. Let’s dive in to the different types of contact lenses.

different types of contact lenses

Hard Contact Lenses

Hard contact lenses, also referred to as rigid gas permeable or RGP lenses, have many benefits and advantages. Hard contact lenses are more flexible and allow oxygen to pass through the lenses to the cornea, resulting in healthier lens for the eyes. Due to the name, these rigid gas permeable contacts hold their shape on eye. Additionally, these contacts are durable, extremely easy to care for all while offering clear vision and vision correction. Most importantly, RGP lenses are known to slow down nearsightedness.

Hard contact lenses, or rigid gas permeable lenses, are available as bifocal and multifocal too. You can buy rigid gas permeable contact lenses at either Fashion Eye Center location, too! Another fun fact is that these lenses can be purchased in various colors and costume designs to change up your everyday look or match your Halloween costume! Read more about our colored contacts selection at each Fashion Eye Center location.

Soft Contact Lenses

When people think of soft contact lenses, they usually agree that they are more comfortable than the hard contacts. Soft contact lenses tend to stay in place and are much easier to adjust. Soft contact lenses are made out of a flexible plastic that is combined with water to allow oxygen to flow through the contact lens and to the cornea. Not only is this ideal for eye health, but it increases comfort and allows them to feel like they aren’t there. Most importantly, soft contacts are used to correct myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, astigmatism or blurred vision, and age related loss of close-up vision.

One thing to keep in mind when determining the pros and cons of lenses, soft contacts have a higher rate of infection and less durability than gas permeable contacts. They can also be more expensive than hard contact lenses since they may require more frequent replacements.

Daily Wear & Extended Wear

Daily wear contacts are designed to be tossed out at the end of each day. A few advantages of these is that they require minimal time caring for them, and little to no storage.

Extended wear soft contact lenses can be worn for a certain period of time typically ranging between one to two weeks and up to a month.

See An Eye Doctor First

Before making any major decisions on custom eye contact lenses, it’s important to make an appointment with an eye care specialist to see what is best for you and your lifestyle. During your appointment, a contact lens exam will take place to ensure you get the best solution. At Fashion Eye Center, we offer several different types of contacts and eye care services to our patients. Head over to either Fashion Eye location today and browse our unmatched selection of designer frames!

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