halloween contact lenses

Halloween Contact Lenses & Colored Contacts

Need For Your Costume?

Halloween contact lenses and colored contacts are in high demand this time of year. Whether you’re going for the creepy clown or terrifying zombie, Gothika lenses are the perfect addition to any costume. Halloween contact lenses are the finishing touch to your costume. There are many different types and styles of contact lenses that can be worn all year long.

Contact lenses without prescription and lenses with prescription, these custom contacts are perfect to customize a new look. So whether you’re planning on getting white out contacts with no pupil or bright blue to change up your everyday look, let’s learn more about the colored contacts options.

halloween contact lenses

Corrective Contact Lenses

Corrective colored contact lenses allow you to correct your vision and change up your look at the same time. Prescription colored contact lenses are perfect for anyone looking for cosmetic lenses but want to maintain vision correction.

Non-Corrective Plano Contact Lenses

Plano contact lenses, or also called non-prescription lenses, are the contacts used for fashionable and cosmetic purposes. These colored contacts and Halloween contacts have no degree in them for individuals who don’t need any sort of vision correction.

Fashion Eye Center has all of the colored contact lenses to match any costume. Whether you are looking for corrective prescription colored contacts or non-corrective plano contact lenses, we have a wide variety to choose from. The Gothika contact lenses we carry are FDA approved, available in prescription and non-prescription colors, and are good to use for about one year. For naturally beautiful eyes, comfort, and the perfect Halloween look, ask our eye doctors about what contacts would work best for you.

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