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What Are Polycarbonate Lenses?

What is polycarbonate and what does polycarbonate mean? These are two common questions we hear from our patients! If you’re looking for quality lenses that are up to ten times more resistant than glass and plastic lenses, you’ve come to the right place. We get asked all sorts of questions about polycarbonate glasses like is polycarbonate strong, do polycarbonate lenses scratch easy, and what is polycarbonate made of. Let’s go ahead and break it down.

Polycarbonate lenses are not only impact-resistant, but are the most lightweight lenses on the market. Because of the many benefits polycarbonate glasses offer, many people choose to use these lenses in replacement of their regular lenses.

Another impressive addition to the polycarbonate lenses is that they provide 100% UV protection. Ultraviolet eye protection is a must, especially in Arizona. An excessive amount of exposure from the sun’s UV rays has been linked to extensive eye damage. Having polarized eyeglasses and UV protected glasses will save you in the future.

Polycarbonate blocks more than
Of UV Radiation

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Polycarbonate Lenses vs. Traditional

Is Polycarbonate Strong?

We’ve covered what polycarbonate lenses are and all of the amazing benefits that come with them. Polycarbonate glasses are a safe and affordable option and are a solid choice for anyone who drops their glasses frequently or works in hazardous conditions. Due to the strong and impact-resistant material, they are less likely to be damaged. It’s a great option when deciding on new frames for children to increase the longevity of their frames. Choosing between polycarbonate lenses vs plastic is a pretty clear decision when deciding what is best for your kids.

In addition, athletes and anyone who wears rimless glasses are great candidates for polycarbonate lenses.

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    Hazardous Working Environments

    Working in an industry like construction where your constantly on-the-go can put your lenses at risk for damage.

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    Children are perfect candidates for polycarbonate lenses over traditional because they have a greater tendency to drop them.

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    Having strong lenses is crucial for athletes as it’s important to only focus on their task at hand, not their damaged frames and lenses.

Do Polycarbonate Lenses Scratch Easy?

Getting polycarbonate lenses is the first step, but adding a scratch resistant coating on top results in a flexible yet strong enough to withhold any potential scratch.

What Is Polycarbonate Made Of?

So, polycarbonate lenses vs plastic or glass? Unlike traditional lenses, polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material that begins as solid small pellets. During the manufacturing process, commonly known as injection molding, those small solid pellets are heated until they completely melt. The melted polycarbonate is formed into the shape of lens which is then compressed under high pressure and cooled.

Are Polycarbonate Lenses Worth It?

Yes! Polycarbonate lenses will save you time and money in the long run. Make the investment now to reap the polycarbonate eyeglasses benefits later. At Fashion Eye Center, we can help with this process. Our Tucson eye doctors are here to make shopping for the right eyeglasses easy! Fashion Eye Center has two Tucson eye care locations to serve your total vision care needs. We offer fashion eyeglasses with eye exam specials and glasses specials. Also, as a VSP provider, we pride ourselves on offering the best selection at the best price!

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