what are progressive lenses

What Are Progressive Lenses?

Wondering if progressive lenses are right for you? Are you having trouble seeing objects up close or reading? It could be time for a visit to your eye doctor. If you have been experiencing problems with clear vision at all distances, it may be time for progressive lenses.

So, what are progressive lenses? Progressive lenses, also known as multifocal lenses, have three different prescriptions in one. They are one pair of glasses that can do it all! They are also referred to as no-line bifocals. These multi-functional glasses allow you to see arms distance like reading or checking your phone, middle-distance like browsing the internet on your desktop, and long-distance viewing like golfing or driving.

If you have heard of bifocal and trifocal lenses, progressive lenses are an updated version. Both bifocal and trifocal lenses have distinct lines in the lenses where progressives have no lines for a smoother, cleaner look. Additionally, the demand for progressive lenses has grown tremendously and will continue to do so as aging individuals want to see well and look good at the same time.

what are progressive lenses

Benefits of Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses have become the most popular multifocal lenses for anyone with presbyopia. Most people start needing multifocal eyeglasses sometime after age 40. As you age, a normal aging change in the eye called presbyopia reduces our ability to see clearly up close. Because of that, taking advantage of the benefits of progressive lenses will result in better vision at all viewing distances. A few of the benefits include providing a wider view of clear vision at all distances, more comfort in active wear lenses, and they work well with smaller frames. Progressive lenses also eliminate image jump caused by bifocals and trifocals and provide a younger, youthful-looking appearance. Better yet, some progressive lenses are available as polarized sunglasses.

With so many amazing benefits to progressive lenses, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t make the switch. Now at first, these progressive multifocal lenses might take some getting used too. Adjusting to progressive lenses might take a few weeks but think of it this way, you have three vision powers in one pair! The best way to get comfortable with your new progressive eyeglass lenses is to keep them on and resist the urge to switch back and forth between your other glasses.

Should I Get Progressive Lenses?

Now that we understand the difference between progressive lenses vs. regular lenses, are progressive no line multifocal lenses right for you? With so many choices, designs and many types of progressive lenses options available, consulting with your optometrist is your best bet. Talk with our Tucson eye doctors today to see how you can benefit from progressive lenses!

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